1. Who can be a member of this organization?
Anyone interested in (foreign) language teaching/learning, and second/foreign language education research. Current members include language teachers of English, French, Chinese, Japanese as a Foreign/Second language, and other languages in college/universities, high schools, and primary schools. There are also graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in this field.
2. What are the benefits of membership?
The biggest benefit is the opportunity to meet people interested in this field and share ideas about language education and teaching techniques.
3. How can I become a member?
Go to (https://www.j-let.org/~honbu/e_regist.php) and register for the membership.
4. I have written a paper. Can I get this published?
If you are a member of LET and have an unpublished paper, you can submit it to the editors of (1) Language Education & Technology or (2) journals in each Chapter.
If you are interested in submitting a paper to Language Education & Technology, you must show your intention before August 31st.
If you are interested in submitting your paper to your Chapter's journal, follow the instructions provided by the chapter. There is a call for journal paper submission, and then actual submission of your paper a few months later.
Submitted papers are peer-reviewed, and selected papers will appear in the journals.