There are four types of memberships: (a) Individual, (b) Student, (c) Institutional, and (d) Supporting.
Membership allows:
1. attendance to and participation in the annual national conference, as well as regional conferences, and other related activities.
2. submissions to the Association's journal, Language Education & Technology, and other chapter journals.
3. Access to other language education/research related information
Membership fees* (annual) are:
(a) Individual Member 6,000.
(b) Student Member 3,000.
(c) Institutional Member 6,000.
(d) Supporting Member 50,000 (Contact the Headquarters office)
(*please note that the Kanto chapter charges an additional 1,000 temporary fee.)
Membership registration
Please read "Rules and Regulations -- Selected Clauses" below before registration.


(Scroll down the page, and click the "Membership registration" button.)

If you are interested in becoming a Supporting member, please contact the headquarters.

Rules and Regulations -- Selected Clauses
Clause 1: This organization is called the Japan Association for Language Education and Technology (LET).
Clause 2: This organization is dedicated to the enhancement of foreign language education in Japan and the development of media and information technologies in education. It also aims to create a community of individuals in the field to share resources and information.
Clause 5: In order to achieve these goals, this organization:
1)organizes conferences, lectures, and/or workshops
2)publishes Journals and other printed materials
3)conducts studies into educational methods, materials, assessment procedures, and/or management of educational facilities, and distributes this information.
4)supports and enhances communication with other related organizations in Japan and abroad.
5)carries out other necessary businesses.
Clause 8: One who wishes to become a member of this organization should register for membership at the chapter of his/her choice, giving the appropriate membership fee according to the type of membership (i.e., Individual, Student, or Institution) of his/her choice. If one wishes to be a Supporting Member, he/she should contact Headquarters.
Clause 10: Cancelation of membership is admitted when the member has completely paid the membership fee to the year of withdrawal and his/her withdrawal notice is submitted to the Chapter.
Clause 11: A member can be expelled if
(1) he/she fails to pay membership fee for two years
(2) he/she conducts his/herself contrary to the principles and objectives of this organization or disparages the organization in any way.