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No. 21 Got a Few Minutes? (2006年10月10日)

カテゴリー: The Treasure Hunt Club
Marcel Van Amelsvoort
(Kanagawa Prefectural College of Foreign Studies)
Hello. Years ago I had a book of short, quick activities that could be used in those last few minutes of class time when the main activity finished early. I loved that book: it had lots of cute and easy-to-set-up activities for teaching and reviewing in an entertaining way. Well, recently I came across a site that offers much the same thing. It’s made by the people who make the Internet TESOL Journal and the web site ManyThings.org. It’s a large collection of fun short games and activities. The title of the page is Easy Things for Beginners but I think that more advanced students will find they are fun, too. The site is located at  http://www.manythings.org/e/easy.html Take a look. I’m sure you’ll find a few activities that your students will love.

The other site I’d like to introduce this month is a site that allows you to send an e-mail to your future self. Admittedly the idea is a little simple, but I think it could be great fun. You can set the timer to send you the e-mail message a few days, or weeks, or even years in the future so you can send the message to yourself a year later or after the next week’s test? You simply type in your own e-mail address, the title of your message, and your message and press send. Of course, variations are also possible: you could send your teacher or parents a message in the future, too. The site is found at  http://futureme.org/

That’s all for this month. See you next month.