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No. 9 Games for Studnets (2005年10月10日)

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Marcel Van Amelsvoort
(Kanagawa Prefectural College of Foreign Studies)
Hello again everyone. This month we’ll take a look at some games you
can use for a few minutes of class time to add a little fun. The web is,
of course, full of games, but I’ve tried to choose some that are simple
and accessible for students.

Someone Keeps Stealing My Letters. This game can be used with any age
level and any proficiency level. Try to make words before your letters
get moved. http://web.okaygo.co.uk/apps/letters/flashcom/

The next one is called The Question Game. Students can work in pairs to
answer questions that the computer uses to try to guess the object they
are thinking of. It’s a little like the game 20 Questions. To be honest,
it doesn’t always work so well. But don’t tell students that until
they’ve had lots of chance to practice their English by making the
clues. http://www.gamesforthebrain.com/game/questions/

Speed Read can help students practice typing and memory. Students have
to remember a phrase (that fades away) and type it as fast as they can.
Intermediate or above.

For something a little more challenging and definitely at the
intermediate level, try WordHunt. Try to guess the word that is spelled
by the floating letters. It’s not easy, even when the words are not
difficult. http://web.okaygo.co.uk/apps/letters/flashcom/

Geography Olympics is a site that celebrates geography. There are pages
of information (countries and populations, highest mountains and longest
rivers and such) but the best part is representing your own country and
competing a geography map quiz. http://www.geographyolympics.com/ Learn
about the world and learn the names of countries.

Well, have fun trying out the games.