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No. 4 Thomas Robb(関西支部) (2005年04月10日)

カテゴリー: General
I like learning languages, to travel and to try using what I have
learned, but the problem is that I’m not a good learner. I often
wonder how much I have in common with my students in this regard. It
isn’t even a matter of ‘talent’ or ‘aptitude’ ? I think I’m pretty
good at learning and using what I’m taught. The problem is one of time
and motivation.

Even though I have good intentions,I find that other matters receive
higher priority so I just never get around to studying on my own. When I
have had the opportunity to study in a class, I find that I will do the
homework, but without a structured teaching environment, I hardly ever

Just before every summer vacation some of my students usually tell me
how much they plan to study during the vacation, but when I ask them how
much they did, most students admit that they didn’t get much done ?
just like me!

My own learning faults (or charitably, “learning style”) tend to shape
the way I teach. Since I find that I will study if given exact
assignments and a strict schedule, I feel that homework and a way of
keeping track of work that has been done makes learners like me more
productive and effective. Hopefully in the future, technology will not
just present materials for learning, but also help keep learners like me
on track. I wonder how many LET members feel the same way.

Next month’s “Relay Talker” will be Prof. Mariko Miyao of the just
reborn Tsukuba Gakuen University. She is one of those “early adopters”
in Roger’s terminology, who has actively using technology with her
students for many years.