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No. 76 PowerPoint Games and More Offline Game Resources (2012年01月10日)

カテゴリー: The Treasure Hunt Club
■ The Treasure Hunt Club No. 76
October 2011 Treasure Hunt
PowerPoint Games and More Offline Game Resources
Marcel Van Amelsvoort (Kanagawa Prefectural College of
Foreign Studies)

In a previous column, I introduced game resources online for
teachers who have no opportunity to use the internet in
class. At that time, the focus was on games that could be
printed out and brought to class
(http://www.toolsforeducators.com/boardgames/, for example).

After I sent in that column, I found another a wonderful resource on
the web that contains Word, Excel and Powerpoint games. Dr.
Jeff Ertzberger with the Watson School of Education at the
University of North Carolina Wilmington has a great bank of
resources for using Microsoft Office applications to make
classroom games. The Word and Excel games found there are
great for offline classes with no projector or computer. In
particular, the Bingo card generator is a great tool. Just
input the words (or images) you want and hit the scramble
button to create new cards. Scramble and print out until you
have enough different cards for your whole class. http://people.uncw.edu/ertzbergerj/excel_games.html

But this month’s column is for classroom teachers who have
no internet, but do have a computer and a projector to set
up in their classrooms. And the focus is on Powerpoint games.
PPT allows us to add colors, music and effects to games. It
allows us to time action, keep score, deliver questions, and
otherwise organize a game. Here is a video from YouTube
showing a teacher using a PPT game with his learners: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emlLOQzitE4. The game itself is
simple, but PPT helps to create a richer game experience for
the students. The UNCW.edu site contains a variety of games
and game resources. Both templates (to which you add your
own content/questions) and examples are available, and
instructions and instructional YouTube videos are also there
to show you how to customize and play the games. Take a look
around and download what you like. My favorites are What’s
Louie Thinking? and Sunken Treasure. The Big Wheel and The
Beach Rally Race are also nice tools that can be used for
many types of classroom games. Indeed probably the best
feature of these resources is how they can be adapted to
your own teaching situations, unlike many games that are a
complete package.

For people who want more, you can purchase Dr. Ertzberger’s
book and get access to even more games, but I think you’ll
probably find enough free stuff here to keep you and your
learners busy.

Want to make your own games and need sound effects? Here is
a site that allows you to produce and then download various
arcade game sounds. http://www.bfxr.net/

Good luck and have fun.