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No. 75 Online Conferencing, Online TEFL Training, and More Online Vocabulary Tools (2011年10月10日)

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■ The Treasure Hunt Club No. 75
October 2011 Treasure Hunt
Online Conferencing, Online TEFL Training, and More Online Vocabulary Tools
Marcel Van Amelsvoort (Kanagawa Prefectural College of Foreign Studies)

■Online Conferencing
BigMarker offers free and unlimited web conferencing. It isa web conferencing tool similar to Adobe Connect orBlackboard Collaborate, allowing you to host up to 10 peopleat a time. But it is also a learning platform for informallearning. You can make your own conferences (either publicor private) or you can find learning modules at the website.Great if you want to add a live conferencing session to yourcourse. http://www.bigmarker.com/

■Online TEFL Program
A free online TEFL certificate program is being offeredthrough EFL Classroom 2.0. If you haven’t visited EFLClassroom 2.0 before, you really should take a look at allthe resources and ideas for using technology in teachingEnglish. Recently they have begun to offer a video-basedprogram leading to a TEFL certificate. This is a new way toexperience TEFL training and is free for the time being. Afuller program is expected to come online in the new year.http://courses.schooloftefl.com/class_catalog/show/48766

■Vocabulary Tools
Regular readers should already be familiar with Quizlet andsome of the other vocabulary resource and learning toolsthat have been introduced in this column. Recently, I cameacross a new group of tools at Nik Peachey’s excellentLearning Technology blog (http://nikpeachey.blogspot.com/)

Difference Between. Type in two things that you would liketo contrast (horse and pony, or debt and equity, for example) and get a short essay/description.http://www.differencebetween.net/

Synonym Finder. A nice clean interface for finding goodsynonyms to help you ramp up your writing.http://www.synonym-finder.com/

Word Dynamo is like Quizlet but with a few differentactivities including crossword puzzles. The content atpresent is a little more academic, but you can add your ownvocabulary lists. http://dynamo.dictionary.com/

Knoword is probably too difficult for most of your students,but if anyone would like a little race-the-clock vocabularychallenge, it’s quite fun. You get a definition and you haveto input the correct term. http://www.knoword.org/

Lingro takes any web page and turns it into a vocabularylearning resource. Click on words to get the definition. Itremembers the words you check to give you a personalizedlist of your vocabulary. Works for all the major Europeanlanguages and Chinese, but not Japanese at the moment.http://lingro.com/