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No. 72 Web Audio Banks and Eyercise Speed Reading Tool (2011年07月10日)

カテゴリー: The Treasure Hunt Club
■ The Treasure Hunt Club No. 72
July 2011 Treasure Hunt
Web Audio Banks and Eyercise Speed Reading Tool
Marcel Van Amelsvoort
(Kanagawa Prefectural Institute of Language andCulture Studies)

This month I’d like to introduce some sites where you can access ordownload audio that you can later edit and use with learners. This isespecially useful for teachers in situations where you do not have anInternet connection in the classroom and you want to convert audio foruse on a CD player. I’d also like to introduce a speed reading toolthat is recently becoming popular.

Hark.com is a site that contains hundreds of short audio clips frommovies, tv, speeches, quotations by famous people, and other sounds..Many (but not all) are downloadable as mp3 files. http://www.hark.com/

Soundboard is similar but it has a wider variety of content..(Warning: Mature content included)http://www.soundboard.com/index.aspx

Repeat After Us has 2350 recordings of copyright-free stories,quotations, poems, etc. There are longer audio files here and moreliterature.http://www.repeatafterus.com/index.php

And finally, Eyercise is a speed reading tool that is free for thetime being. You may already be familiar with it as has recently beenintroduced on several websites, including Russell Stannard’s TeacherTraining Videos (http://www.teachertrainingvideos.com/). Just inputthe text you want to read and the system checks your speed. You canchange the settings to push yourself to read faster. Very nice.http://www.eyercize.com/