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No. 62 Movie Clips, Update on Live Mocha, and Tons of Games (2010年09月10日)

カテゴリー: The Treasure Hunt Club
This month I’d like to introduce a movie clip resource, some games,
and update you on one language learning site that has become very popular.. There is quite a lot this time, so I’ll get right to it.

First, I love to use movies in my classes and I have often dreamed ofa database of moviescenes that I could search to find language examples when I need some.Well, it’s not perfect,but MovieClips.com is pretty close to what I want. You can search morethan 12,000 shortscenes. I had good luck with searches for “apologies” and“compliments.” Many of themovies are unavailable outside of North America, unfortunately, andsome movies requireyou to sign in because of age-restricted content, but I found itworked fairly smoothly. Andyou can create mashups (i.e., edit content together) with the scenesyou choose.
And now on to the games.

The Sesame Street website has been redone recently and there are quitea few good gamesfor young learners. http://www.sesamestreet.org/gamesBoggle is a word game that even learners with low proficiency canplay. You basically lookat a jumble of letters and see how many words you can find before thetimer runs out. Thisversion at Yahoo is quite nice. It shows you all the possible wordswhen it gives you yourscore. http://games.yahoo.com/brain-games/boggle-quick-playThere are many massive multi-player online games available. I’veintroduced some in thepast and I think they represent a very interesting languageuse/learning option for manylearners in Japan. They are usually not cheap, however, often in therange of 1500 yen permonth. Recently though, several games have drastically lowered theirfees or even made thegames free to use. Here is a list of some games that might be good(and cheap) for languagelearners.:

For Older LearnersEverQuest II Extended http://everquest2.com/Pirates of the Caribbeanhttp://piratesonline.go.com/#/community/community-home.htmlFor Younger LearnersFree Realms http://www.freerealms.com/Wizard 101Wizard 1010 https://www.wizard101.com/start

And here is Playing History, the online game that was just awarded the prize asEurope’s Best Learning Game. It requires a little downloading but itis worth a lookif you want to see where gaming technology is these days. It’s ahistory game calledand you explore different time periods, but only the first module onthe plague is available now.http://www.playinghistory.eu/playdemo. More info at this page:http://www.seriousgames.dk/node/564
An update for independent learners of all ages.

Almost three years ago in Column No. 32, I introduced several siteswhere learners could goto learn languages on their own. Among them was Livemocha. Well, Idon’t think I can takeany credit for its popularity, but over six million people are nowusing the site. The sitecombines basic learning with the social power of the Internet. Noteverything is free,however. The basic service costs nothing, but accessing the communityrequires a monthlyfee. Thinking of joining a conversation school or buying a book tolearn a language,Livemocha might be an interesting alternative. http://www.livemocha.com/