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No. 33 Web 2.0 Tools (2007年11月10日)

カテゴリー: The Treasure Hunt Club
Marcel Van Amelsvoort
(Kanagawa Prefectural College of Foreign Studies)
For a few years, we’ve all been hearing about Web 2.0 (and many other 2.0 products and ideas, etc.!). As everyone knows, the Web 2.0 (or E-learning 2.0) approach features more student-controlled and student-created materials. It is thought that when students have these tools and participate in communities, new and exciting learning opportunities can happen. Of course, a Web 2.0 approach also places a burden on the instructor, especially at first, since new tools and new ways of doing things must be demonstrated to students and then supported.

In past Treasure Hunt columns, I have introduced podcast sites such as Podomatic.com, blog providers such as Edublogs.org, feed organizers (aggregators) such as Bloglines.com, and web link organizers such as Del.icio.us where learners can go to begin using some Web 2.0 tools. However, there are many, many more. This month I would like to introduce a wide array of tools (51 to be exact) that you can try out and consider using. For me and my low budget school, these tools represent not only interesting options, but cheap and interesting options. Together with Moodle, these tools provide a rich and interactive multimedia learning structure, something that a few years ago would have been technologically and financially impossible for me and my students.

The first link is for a new type of web site provider called Protopage. At Protopage, you can make a quick website that you can outfit with various widgets (small, web-based software tools) that perform various tasks. Included in the regular package are a clock and calendar, a “to do” list tool, web feed windows, and web link list space. It can make a really nice start page and a great space for organizing your important information. Get started at http://www.protopage.com/

And next, over the last few months, Alan Levine, the author of the blog named CogDogRoo did something very interesting. He used 50 different web 2.0 tools and tried them out and created a demo lesson to show how each tool can be used for a similar purpose (telling a story). For us, it amounts to a great introduction to 50 fantastic and mostly free tools that we can browse and think about using. Please take a look and try them out. I guarantee you will find something useful in this list. Have fun. The whole list can be found at http://cogdogroo.wikispaces.com/StoryTools

Alan also has a wiki where he lists some of his favorite techniques for using some well-known tools. http://cogdoghouse.wikispaces.com/webtricks

I’ve introduced some of these tools in this column in the past, and I’ll probably focus on a few more in the next few months, but I thought some readers would appreciate having the whole list. Take care and see you next month.