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No. 46 Web 2.0 Tools (2009年05月10日)

カテゴリー: The Treasure Hunt Club
Marcel Van Amelsvoort
(Kanagawa Prefectural College of Foreign Studies)
Hello everyone. The number and range of Web 2.0 applications continues
to grow daily. I think every teacher these days has a list of web
"tools" that they use regularly, with their learners or just on their
own. This month I have a few more sites you may find useful.

The first one is Yola (formerly known as Synthasite). It is a site
where you can build and keep your own website. "We fundamentally
believe you should be able to build and host your website without
paying for a designer, a suite of software or a hosting company. With
Yola, you have absolutely everything you need to get your site up and
running," they say. Do you need a site for your class, your school,
you club, etc.? Yola could be just right for you. http://www.yola.com/

Next is Bookgoo. This site allows you to upload documents and then
share them with others. You can highlight sections as you would with a
marker pen, or add comments. It's great for group editing or providing
feedback to learners. http://bookgoo.com/

In the past, I have introduced sites with instructional videos. But
Grasper better than anything I've seen so far. You can search for
videos and when you watch them you can slow them down and even add
notes anywhere you like (though you need to register first). They also
have a question and answer section. http://www.graspr.com/

Well, that's it for this month. See you in June.